Dear Friend with Anxiety…

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 If you read nothing else, I want you to know you are not alone; you are not crazy, and there is hope through Jesus.

I know how hard it is to live with anxiety, and how the fear infiltrates every facet of your life — your happiness, your relationships, and even your health. 

Awake all night, heart pounding all day, mind racing constantly. Even when you do finally sleep, it’s restless. There’s no peace, ever. It’s just too much. 

I know you’ve tried to find peace. It was so devastating to reach out for help only to feel worse.

Coworkers, friends, and family told you to just chill out and don’t worry. Let it go. Or my personal favorite “It is what it is”. Really!?!? Like life is that easy!  I can see you’re exhausted from trying to fit in, measure up, and get it right. 

The pretty church ladies chiding “Cast your cares…!” and “Just give it to God…!” is so hurtful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they told you how! You hear them loud a     nd clear — If you were a real Christian, you wouldn’t feel like this. I see you’ve tried, but reading the Bible is confusing and what can a book do about all of this craziness, anyway?

But your greatest fear is the day you let something slip, and expose yourself for the mess you really are inside. And when it all falls apart…? Then what…?

My Message

Freedom from anxiety doesn’t mean you’re never anxious again. It means you control the anxiety instead of the anxiety controlling you. 

Beloved sister, I understand your journey because I struggled with anxiety for years, but I’m free now. I’ll tell you how I broke free from anxiety in a moment.

First, a quick disclaimer. Freedom from anxiety doesn’t mean you’re never anxious again. It means you control the anxiety instead of the anxiety controlling you. Yes, the world has many wonderful things to offer, medicine, counseling, hobbies, music, and healthy choices. All these things have value in overcoming anxiety, but they are all spokes in a wheel held together by faith at the hub.

My message is simple: Victory over anxiety comes only through surrender to Jesus.  My passion is to help you see what this means so you too will overcome anxiety through faith. Next, I’ll share my journey of how I overcame anxiety through faith as I show you what you will find on Victory Through Surrender.

First step: Bible Basics

My recovery began when I really dug into God’s Word, but first I had to learn how. 

My recovery began when I really dug into God’s Word, but first I had to learn how. I will teach you how to find a Bible that speaks to you so you can comprehend it. I will teach you how to look up the scriptures you need, and how to study them so you can understand and apply what you read. 

Getting to Know God

I know who He is, and I know what He says about me, so I feel valued.

Next, I learned about who God is and who He says I am. Yes, you learned some of this in Sunday School, but trust me, there’s so much more! Let me explain with an example. 

I’ve dreamed of being an author ever since I learned to read. I’ve recently met many wonderful authors whose work I truly respect and admire. Wonderful women who make a living spreading the Gospel with their words. And when one of these amazing women compliment my work… Well, I’m over the moon excited! What a wonderful boost of confidence to learn that such gifted authors value my work my work! 

Do you get it? I appreciate who they are, and what they say about me, so I feel valued. And so it is with God.

Living in Victory

God is practical and faith is active. 

Finally, I figured out how to apply this in my life. I’m practical, so I will offer easy ideas to include in your daily routine and reach for in the sudden frantic moments. Faith is so much more than inspirational scriptures. God is practical and faith is active. God promises you peace, and I can tell you what you can DO to live in His promises. 

Dear sister, as I close, please know that YOU ARE ENOUGH!! You are not a failure, no matter how much you’ve failed. 

God has a plan for your life. 

You are valuable. 

You are needed. 

You are loved.

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